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How to Create a Flawless Persuasive Essay

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The key step to creating a cool product is to clearly understand what you are dealing with. The ultimate goal of the persuasive essay is to convince readers of the thoughts and beliefs you share. For doing this, you need not only to find strong arguments but also use your writing skills. You may have great ideas but this is not enough to persuade. A big role in your work plays the way you present information, how you build the paper, and what writing techniques you apply. All these aspects determine the results you get.

Means of Persuasion You Can Use While Writing

You need to hook readers and be able to influence their attention if you want your essay to be read. And you can do this thanks to various persuasion techniques.

  1. Repeat constantly. First of all, you declare your thesis and later you offer it again and again. Ultimately, your point will be accepted by the audience.
  2. Reveal the problem. Describe the situation how bad it is, explain why people should pay attention to this issue and after that introduce your solution.
  3. Appeal to emotion, credibility, and logic. These three elements exist in the theory of rhetoric, and they are known as pathos, ethos, and logos. By means of them, you can write a worthy thesis statement.
  4. Add social validation. You show the readers that you are not the one who has the same opinion on the question, that’s why they should consider your point seriously.

Key Points to Write Persuasively

  1. Work with the audience. We are different and for that reason, you must determine what people will read your essay. Of course, the first person is an instructor but you shouldn’t exclude the option that the essay may fall into someone’s hands. The more information you know about the readers the more specific approach you may apply.
  2. Look at the opposite viewpoint. In order to provide deep analysis and be well informed you should be familiar with both arguments and counterarguments. Your goal is to keep balance, be able to refute evidence of the opponents and present your own preferences in the best possible way.
  3. Research deeply. If you pick some topic, you have to research it inside out. After that, the writing process will run smoothly. Besides, many great ideas may come into your head and you will be confident in the work you do.

Write Essay Step by Step

Writing an essay consists of two main stages – the preliminary preparation and the work with the text, and both of them require some period of time. Try to plan your time and it will help you meet a deadline. If you feel that’s beyond you, you can ask for help from a persuasive essay writing service.

  1. Make a draft. Don’t ignore this step. The structure of persuasive essays is pretty clear – introduction, body, and conclusion. It allows the authors successfully and logically to present your arguments.
  2. Create the introduction and hook the readers. The first and the last sentences are the most important because people pay the biggest attention them while reading. Use quotes, rhetorical questions, interesting facts, funny expressions – anything that makes the audience read more. The introduction must include the thesis statement; look at it as your strongest argument.
  3. Build your body paragraphs. The best idea is to organize paragraphs around your arguments; it makes the text well-structured and lets you justify your opinions. Every paragraph should include a sentence that presents one key point and evidence that supports your argument. There are various ways to boost your arguments – facts, statistics, examples, and quotes. It’s up to you to decide which one to apply. In addition, you can also use counterarguments; this point isn’t compulsory but it makes your paper more solid and reliable
  4. Conclude. The excellent strategy to finish the essay is to paraphrase the main points from the body. In this case, the essay will have a strong impression and it will hard to forget.
  5. Revision. Don’t touch the essay for a day or at least for several hours before you start to correct the text. With a fresh eye, you will easily identify errors and correct them.