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Reaction Paper

How to Create an Impressive Reaction Paper

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Writing a reaction paper is a pretty popular type of assignments by means of which instructors can test students’ ability to review the work of others and provide commentary on it. Elements of reaction writing may be found even in our everyday life when we are asked to share our opinion on some book, film or play. Another important point considering the reaction paper is that it requires a lot of concentration for reading, research, and writing.

To write the reaction paper means not only say what you think about this or that subject but also to characterize its strength and weaknesses. First of all, you deal with deep reading when you are immersed in the text, look for the author’s ideas and analyze a general context. Even if you express your own opinion you should support it with relevant evidence from the book combined with the interpretation of certain concepts and hidden meanings.

Prepare in advance

In order to create a worthy product, you should work hard and spend a lot of time and energy. Almost every student need essay writing assistance and we try to provide it. Follow steps below and you will succeed.

  1. Figure out the details of the task.If you have any doubts concerning what you are asked to do, you should talk to your instructor and clarify it. On the one hand, the instructor may ask you to present your personal vision but in some cases, you need to look at the text in terms of the particular class theme.
  2. Read efficiently.That’s not enough just to read and then say what you like or dislike. The way you read plays an exclusive role in the process of reaction writing. The biggest mistake students make is to save everything at the last minute. A reaction requires time to consider everything. Besides, you may skip some important piece of information if you hurry. Good advice is to reread the text several times, write down your reactions and make short annotations if you find some ideas extremely interesting.
  3. Create the first draft. For that, you should determine your position. Ask yourself how the book you read or the film you watched influenced your personality. Next, you can start working on your thesis statement. Think twice what points you find the decisive ones and declare them in one sentence. In this way, you create the most powerful argument. After that, your attention should be paid to the structure of the paper. Every student should meet the requirements of academic writing, that’s why organize the paper into these parts
  • Look at this section as a business card of your paper. It shouldn’t be long but at the same time, it gives the short information about the author and his/her work. You need to make readers interested and continue reading the whole paper.
  • Body paragraphsare a heart of the paper that includes all ideas you want to present. The best way is to reveal each idea in one paragraph started with a topic sentence. Add appropriate evidence and this will make your statements sound more solid.
  • In this section, you summarize and touch the major points, then link the thesis with them in brief.
  • List of sources and citations.Citations and their sources are a compulsory part of the reaction paper.  Be sure that you work only with credible and reliable materials.
  1. Write the final version!